01-06 June 2020, Szolnok - Hungary

Conducting Workshop

Podium time ca.270 min


ca.100 min per each participant with professional orchestra

(4 rehearsals, 25min podium time in each rehearsal)

ca. 25 min per each participant with choir, soloists and orchestra

ca. 25 min per each participant with choir and piano

ca. 120 min of one-to-one coaching with piano

(3 or 4 times depending of the individual needs)


Dress rehearsal and concert on the 6th June 2020

(extra podium time)


1st June

Arrival (also possible on the 31st May), registration

Afternoon – one-to-one coaching

2nd 3rd 4th and 5th June

Morning – Orchestra Session

Afternoon – one-to-one coaching

6th June

Dress Rehearsal and Concert

Soloists, Choir and Orchestra

7th June



Concert on the 6th June

Mozart, Vesperae solennes de confessore Kv. 339

for soloists, choir and orchestra

Works for chamber orchestra tba

Works for choir and orchestra tba


The full repertoire for the workshop will be published soon.


This Workshop is designed for all conductors, professionals, advanced students and beginners.

Each participant should focus on his/her own goals and development. He/she should choose at least 3 movements (from the symphonies or overtures) which can be discussed with the teacher also in relation to the previous experience.

In order to accommodate the participants´ needs, the podium time and repertoire can be individually defined. Ask via mail for an individual program.

The Workshop

Our philosophy is to guide the participant to move truly steps forward in his musical development.

Different people have different strengths, needs and approach what comes to standing in front of the orchestra. While someone might just need minor adjustments during the whole rehearsal, another one might need support in form of a more traditional lesson. The leader of this workshop will help all students to accommodate their different needs and to get as much as possible from this experience.

There will be daily sessions with feedback, discussions and concrete planing of the upcoming rehearsals. During the one-to-one meetings it will be possible to work on conducting and rehearsal´s technique, analysis and understanding of the score.

One analysis session will be also scheduled to have an overview about the preparation of the scores, which is always an important topic in the development of each conductor. This session will be also focus on how to relate the formal and harmonic analysis to the listening while conducting.

Working with a choir gives the students the possibility to work intensively on learning how to connect breath, phrasing and conducting.

There will be just 6 places in order to have enough time to work intensively with everyone.


Conducting Workshop´s fee  – 1600€

Full Programm with ca. 270 min Podium Time

Dress Rehearsal and Concert (Extra Podium Time)



The accommodation (not included)

We have a very good agreement for double rooms in the center of Szolnok for 40€ per night (breakfast included).


The closest airports to Szolnok is Budapest. We will provide all information about how to get there by train from the airport.


All lessons will be HD recorded and provided to the participants.

Questions and applications



Former participants say

It has seriously been my most meaningful conducting masterclass yet. The mentor is energetic and fresh and still wholly dedicated to his pedagogical style and method: he cares much more than any other conducting teacher I’ve worked with.

(Sam Hollister, USA)

This masterclasses is rare opportunity for conductors on every level to develop and improve their skills. You can study diverse repertoire with really responsive orchestra and exquisite and inspiring mentor with great skills to transfer his knowledge and accommodate every participate in the most relaxing and supportive atmosphere. I would recommend to all conductors who are serious and committed in their wish to improve their knowledge and skills.

(Ana Ćosović, Serbia)

A fantastic workshop that offers extensive podium time with an orchestra and one-to-one sessions with inspiring Maestro Giuseppe Montesano who nurtures your skills as a conductor, deepens your personal insight of orchestral music and shares with each and everyone of the participants his knowledge, approach and own experience in the most sincere way.

(Daniel Strahilevitz, Israel)

Maestro Giuseppe Montesano tailors his teachings to meet the needs of each student, all with the intention of helping them make their musical imaginations reality. Over the course of four intense days, the workshop has introduced me to mentors and friends who have encouraged me to grow as a musician and conductor.

(Jun-Davinci Choi, USA)

I have never learned more in less time! Maestro Montesano is demanding and generous at the same time.

(Berit Cardas, Norway)

Maestro Montesano is a very honest but also considerate teacher. These lessons will continue to help me in the long term. From wherever you are, his teaching will challenge you to become a better version of yourself as a conductor and musician.

(Alexandra Jeffirs, USA)

I’ve learned so much in this workshop. Everything is organized, and the Maestro taught very detailed and kept track of everyone very well. The orchestra is also very friendly and well-prepared.

(Kelly Lin, China/Canada)

Maestro Montesano has created an environment in which everyone is supportive of a positive and productive learning experience. He is highly perceptive of each participant’s needs and utilizes the team of musicians to provide optimal learning.

(Alexandra Jeffirs, USA)

About workshop's orchestra

According to historical newspapers the Szolnok Symphony Orchestra held its first concert in 1927 on the occasion of commemorating the centenary of Beethoven’s death. However, after various attempts of establishing, the orchestra in its current formation officially was founded in 1965 by conductor József Bali. As the only professional orchestra in Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok County it fulfills an irreplaceable role in the region’s musical and cultural life.

Izaki Masahiro has been the orchestra’s chief conductor and principle artistic director of City of Szolnok since 2007. Under his leading the orchestra soon got recognized by the Hungarian government and by 2012 reached the highest classifications in performing arts distributed among professional orchestras.

The orchestra has a wide ranging repertoire that includes music from the Baroque, Romantic and Modern Era. The orchestra plays a very important part on both secular and religious events organized by the City of Szolnok and it also contributes to the musical productions of local Szigligeti Theater. Since its establishment the orchestra has been traditionally playing an important role in the musical education of the youth by frequently performing in elementary and secondary schools.

In the last fifty years the orchestra has successfully toured in many European countries including Austria, Germany, Poland, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Finland as well as it has performed in Japan in many occasions to display the cultural heritage and qualities of the country and the City of Szolnok.

About workshop's leader

Italian conductor Giuseppe Montesano was born in Turin and has an International career based in Vienna. He has studied piano and composition at Turin conservatory while simultaneously deepening his literary and philosophical interests at the University of Turin.

He has studied orchestra conducting with Professor Georg Mark at the Konservatorium Wien Privatuniversität and in Milano at the Conservatorio G. Verdi with Maestro Vittorio Parisi.

He has been scholarship holder of the foundation” Associazione per la Musica De Sono”.

Directly after his graduation he became assistant conductor of the Houlencourt Soloists Chamber Orchestra, where he worked together with artists like Guy Braunstein, Boris and Evelyn Berezovsky and Richard Galliano.

In the seasons 2013-15 he served as assistant conductor of Walter Kobera for the Neue Oper Wien and in the season 2015-16 he was assistant conductor of Philippe Jordan at the Vienna Symphony Orchestra for several projects.

In 2015-16 he served as music director of the company “Johann Strauß Operette Wien” and in May 2017 was appointed principal conductor of the Wiener Hofburg Orchester and music director of the Wiener Residenzorchester.

Recent engagements include his debut appearances with the Orchestra of the Teatro di San Carlo di Napoli, Orchestra Filarmonica Toscanini di Parma, Orchestra Filarmonica di Torino, Szolnok Symphony Orchestra (Hungary), Savaria Symphony Orchestra (Hungary), Orchestra Filarmonica de Stat Arad (Romania), Orchestra da Camera Polledro and Teatro Pergolesi di Jesi.

Giuseppe Montesano has won several prizes in national and international festivals and competitions both in choral and in orchestra conducting (Among them: 1st prize at the International Competition for Orchestra Conductors in Graz 2011, 1st prize at the International Competition for Opera Conductors in Costanta 2016, “Premio dell’istituzione concertistica Magna Grecia” 2017).

He has conducted several concerts, operas and operettas in Austria, Belgium, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Romania, Russia, Hungary and USA.

He is a faculty member of the Vienna Summer Music Festival in the Conducting and Opera Institute.